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Stefan Stojanovic


After picking up the camera at the age of 11, Stefan was captivated by the world of motion pictures. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in media management and a High school degree in music production and sound design. His passion for storytelling motivated him to create original short films, music videos and documentaries. At 16 years old he wrote & directed his first feature film "The Violin". Stefan went on to make a documentary film "Voices of Refugees", produced with the support from European Youth Forum in Brussels. The film premiered at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. It was later shown in more than 20 countries worldwide, on 4 different continents, receiving an award for the best short film at the film festival in Paris. Stefan has worked with professionals in the music industry across Europe. Some of his notable works include a music video starring a Croatian pop-star Tony Cetinski, and a music video for the band "Balkanika", presenting Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon in 2018. As of 2020, Stefan is a Fulbright Scholar, producing new short films in the United States, while completing his MFA in Film at the Ohio University. in 2022, his primary goals moving forward are writing & directing feature narrative films.

I like to perceive film as an 

endless source of creativity.

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